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Downtown Durango, circa the early 1900s. Can you spot the buildings that are still standing today? 

GHOST WALK DURANGO is a guided walking tour starting at the Old Durango High School (201 East 12th Street) through the historic district of Durango, Colorado. Durango was founded officially in 1880 to serve the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad following an unsuccessful negotiation with the existing settlement of Animas City 2 miles North.


Gun battles, including the Stockton Gang and the Simmons Gang feud, lynchings, a fire in 1889 that consumed most of the wooden buildings and sidewalks in town, the Spanish Flu epidemic, and a general reckless 'Devil May Care' element that was omnipresent in the early days have all contributed to countless ghost and haunting stories. For the first 40 years of Durango's existence, no sane person left their home without a pistol.


For farmers, ranchers, and business people alike a lever-action rifle or double-barrel shotguns were strapped to a plow, in a saddle scabbard, or propped against a desk more often than not. All stories you will hear have been researched and well documented, and may have been experienced by your guide personally. Folklore and legends have been carefully preserved by generations of local storytellers. As educational as it is fun, GHOST WALK DURANGO is one of Durango's most popular attractions and a sure bet for fun and thrills.

Joe Nelson: Owner

Joe Nelson graduated from Wesley College in Delaware with a degree in both History and Business.  He has spent the better part of 3 decades living in and exploring Colorado and the surrounding areas. Since moving to Durango in the early 90s, Joe has been an avid member of his community and has acquired a great deal of skill and knowledge about the area and how it came to be. A self-proclaimed history fanatic, Joe has dedicated years to learning, exploring, and researching about Durango and the Wild West. An expert in the local architecture, history of farming, railroading, and settling, and general history of Durango, Colorado, Joe is sure to have some insights into the historical districts of Downtown Durango and the stories, houses...and spirits... that have been left behind that will interest anyone. 
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